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About Us

Find out about who is involved in Plymouth MH Reg


    Marbles Lost & Found & Lived Experience

    Marbles Lost and Found is a mental health website, community and support-reg group for anyone touched by mental health issues. The website provides awareness, wellbeing tips and tools, crisis support-reg, local services and more, everything you need to know about mental health and mental health wellbeing in one place.

    Interesting Fact About Nicky

    I love to hula hoop


    You're Not Alone & Lived Experience

    My name is Hayley Burbage. I am a 33 year old mum to 2, who has volunteered in mental health services for the last 5 years. I set up You're Not Alone 4 years ago, as i know from personal experience how difficult it is to travel to appointments when filled with anxiety and I wanted to bring something closer to people in the northern outskirts of the city. We have a private online Facebook group and we also hold weekly coffee mornings so we can meet up and be around people who have similar experiences.

    Interesting Fact About Hayley

    I love to take apart and rebuild electronics


    Life Coach & Lived Experience

    Bianca, is a working mum with 2 young children. She has lived experience of depression, C.F.S and Fibromyalgia, Bianca set up her city centre based coaching service, in 2016 and offers a combination of counselling, coaching, nutritional therapy and neuro-linguistic programming to help people develop a holistic focus for their recovery.
    Offering 1 – 1 sessions, employee support-reg programs and group workshops – with a focus on the recovery of stress, anxiety, low mood and physical conditions exacerbated by stress and other lifestyle issues such as insomnia.
    Bianca uses four pillars of wellbeing at the centre of her coaching: Life, Mind, Social Needs & Body.

    Interesting Fact About Bianca

    I am half Italian and I love to cook (and eat!) 


    Expert by Experience, and CEO/Founding Director of Hope in the Heart CIC

    I am and Expert by Experience, and CEO/Founding Director of Hope in the Heart CIC and creator of the AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation. Other hats include transpersonal therapist, mentor, writer, poet, activist, international group facilitator, trainer and Master Facilitator of the UN-endorsed Virtues Project, Also wife, Mum and Nana, and occasional visiting lecturer at a number of universities. I'm passionate about social change and my personal experience of mental health crisis and neurodiversity positively informs all areas of my life and work.

    Interesting Fact About Tam

    My grandmother was an East London suffragette who spent a night in prison for throwing an egg at the Prime Minister.


    Heads Count

    Heads Count is a user led network for people who access mental health services, carers and everyone with experience of or affected by mental health matters in and around the city of Plymouth. We gather individuals’ views, ideas and experiences and help represent these views to service commissioners and providers, to improve mental health services for the future. Heads Count is a User, Carer & Supporter led service.

    Interesting Fact About
    Heads Count

    The Heads Count team were all volunteers for the service before becoming paid workers.


    Consultant clinical psychologist

    I’m a consultant clinical psychologist working for Livewell Southwest, in recovery services. This means I work with people who have experiences that get labelled as psychosis and I’ve been doing this for many years. I try and help people by exploring different ways of making sense of their experiences and developing different ways of coping with them. I’m particularly interested in how trauma can lead to these kinds of difficulties and how compassion can support-reg recovery. I strongly believe that people who have had their own difficulties have an important role to play in support-reging the recovery of others. I’ve worked alongside many people with lived experience of psychosis, to help people with similar experiences, their families and mental health workers learn about recovery. This has included co-writing a book: Living With Psychosis by Elina Baker and Melanie Attwater

    Interesting Fact About Elina

    I've recently learnt to ice skate.

    And there's more to come!

We're Stronger Together

We are working together as we all recognise the power of co-produced knowledge.
We believe that through collectively offering our different forms of expertise, and lived experience, we can provide hope, challenge stigma and support-reg people to move forward from mental health challenges.